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Agile Open Northern California 2009 thanks our sponsors for making this event possible.

Your Business: More Streamlined, More Agile, Better Informed, and Up-to-Date. Agile Business Consulting. Agile Enterprise JumpStart.   Custom Software Solutions. Business Intelligence. Legacy Systems Integration.
Agile Project Management: Plan. Track. Deliver.
  Agile AllianceWith more than 5810 members located around the globe, the Agile Alliance is driven by the values and principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development   


ScrumNinja will help you:

  • Plan and estimate projects with ease.
  • Keep your team focused and productive.
  • Track progress and who's working on what.
  • Deliver high-level business value to your product owners.
  • Manage feature delivery and acceptance.
 GuidewireGuidewire provides flexible core systems that enable property and casualty carriers to deliver insurance the way they want to.