Agile Open California 2012

University of California, Irvine
September 15 & 16, 2012

Woody Zuill ImageWoody Zuill:    I've been programming computers since the early 1980's and I love the day-to-day process of rapidly creating maintainable, high value software.  I was first introduced to Extreme Programming in 1998/99 and have been an addict ever since.  

I've been training, facilitating, and coaching teams in the adoption of the Agile approach for almost 10 years in some form or another, and take every chance I get to speak at conferences, code camps, and user groups on Agile/Lean practices, especially regarding TDD, technical excellence, code excellence, and pair programming.  I strive to continually learn, experiment, practice, and "inspect and adapt".  My mantra is "Engage and See" in the traditional Napoleonic sense, but without a disastrous winter campaign in Russia.

It is exciting for me to see the software development community embracing the Agile/Lean/Extreme concepts, principles and practices. 

I am proud to be associated with the Agile Open 2012 Southern California Event and invite you to join us for a great couple of days exploring the world of Agile Software Development.