Agile Open California 2017

February 15 & 16, 2018
Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, CA

Joe DaileyJoe Dailey - Value Delivery Leader at Bio-Rad

My goal is to leverage my lean and agile knowledge to create an environment within the large software development organization that I coach, so we can deliver innovative solution as fast as our product market and customers require. I am proud to bring this competitive advantage to my organization.

SPC, CSM, CSPO, CSP, Agilist of the year (2014) in San Diego, Co-chair of Agile Open San Diego and Agile Open SoCal conference...

Melissa DuggerMelissa Dugger

As an Agile activist, I believe our goal is to work together to grow our knowledge of lean and agile principles in support of innovation and team work allowing for business and talent to work together towards a common goal… customer satisfaction.

I started off my career in software development then pursued project management then into Agile Product Development in the IT space. Since then I’ve been applying my experience and knowledge at work and in my personal ventures.

I’m passionate about people, the workplace, and being innovative. Continuous improvement is endless. Come to Agile Open San Diego to continue improving!

CSM, CSPO, in San Diego, Co-chair of Agile Open San Diego and Agile Open SoCal conference


Volunteer Committee

A fine collection of righteous peeps.

Melissa DuggerPam Fox

I help software teams build products that customers love and have fun doing what they do best. I draw from a variety of approaches - Agile, Lean, Lean User Experience, Customer Development, Innovation Games, and others  - to ensure teams build "the right thing." 

Melissa Dugger

Larry Lawhead
Passionate, Agilest with a love for Scrum and Kanban. Huge fan of Lean, Theory of Constraints and of course the Toyota Production System. Avid learner. Deeply influenced by the works of Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Patton, W. Edwards Deming and countless others. Active in both the PMI and Agile communities in Southern California.





David Lokietz ImageDavid Lokietz:   


Woody Zuill ImageWoody Zuill - Organizer Emeritus

Community Groups

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Agile SoCal


5 Saturdays

Agile San Diego

Agile San Diego

Embracing change in San Diego

We’re a friendly bunch who love to chat/argue about all things Agile. Come have a beer with us at one of our monthly meetings. Agile San Diego is organized by June Clarke, Carlton Nettleton, and core members.

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